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The Magic of TJ Moore

My first introduction to performing magic came one Christmas in 1972 when my mother bought me a TV Magic Kit after I had expressed an interest in magic. She was good for doing things like that. She was also good for being my test audience as I practiced and practiced. Obviously she knew how the tricks were done. I kept exposing the secrets in my failed performances.

However, two years later I was performing on a cirduit during the winter season for all our winter visitors at the many RV parks and resorts in out home town. I must say, even after so many years of performing for so many different types of audiences, the older crowd is by far the most fun and rewarding to perform for to me. They entertain me as much as I do them.

Now I are one!

I did the birthday party scene (and still do occassionally) and other party types. I have performed on TV and in front of audiences of thousands. But there is no better performance venue then the impromptu.

I strongly believe all magicians should be able to perform magical effects at the drop of a hat. After all, if you are a magician then you know what I mean when I say someone will always say something like, "Show me a trick" or "Do some magic". And if you want to build a great reputation as a magician then you should be prepared to oblige them.

Although I enjoy stage magic and illusions, I also enjoy the close-up routines because you can create wonderful audience interaction that enhances your reputation as a skilled magician. I developed many effects using common objects found just about anywhere. With a little advanced planning I pulled off some amazing and miraculas effects that is hard to find on a stage.

I have decided to pass on some of my own magic to someone very special to me. By doing so I realized I can offer this to anyone interested in learning the skills needed to perform seamingly real magic in front of any type of audiense. My course not only teaches the different types of performance, the skills, the props, and so much more but I also teach the business side of magic which will be extremely valuable if you are interested in a semi-professional or professional career performing magic.

Go ahead and check out my site. Check out the different links and see if there is anything here for you. I will be giving away some free basic lessons in magic as well. Some will have downloadable content and others will be instructional videos.

So, enjoy the magic. And I'll see you on the other side if you trully believe in the greatest magician of all.